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Our hands-on-training workshops simulate live sound environments and real applications.  Courses are geared to those that desire to enchance their skill-sets as Sound Engineers, Production Managers, Stage and Backline Technicians. We focus on providing highly trained professional instructors to teach and demonstrate the best methods and applications to producing a great live show.

“Arriving early is to be on time, arriving on time is to be late!".

  ~Some famous rich lady


We offer hands on training workshops that are conducted by live sound and touring professionals. Our instructors are selected for their skill-set and their experience in the audio industry.

We offer detail trainings to Production Companies, Rental Companies, House of Worship, and Performance Venues on topics ranging from Professionalism & Ethics to training on the latest digital audio consoles.


                   Atlanta, Georgia                    December 5 - 6, 2017                  10:00 am                       $149.00      REGISTER HERE!                   

                        Frequency Coordination & Shure Wireless Workbench Workshop!

 Lets explore RF Coordination and Antenna placement to assist with RF Drop-Outs and Interference of wireless mics  and IEMs! Shure Wireless Workbench 6 assist with coordinating wireless frequencies and monitoring networked  devices. Two Identical 1-Day workshops on Tuesday (12/5/17) and Wednesday  (12/6/17).

Topics Covered: 

 -Antenna set up and placement            -ShurePlus channels app               -Understanding frequency coordination,            -Troubleshooting wireless microphones                    -Networking basic for wireless microphone

           Recommendations & Downloads:

                   - Laptop computer with Wireless Workbench 6 software installed.

                   - Ipad with ShurePlus Channels mobile app installe