Digital World Live is a full-service audio training and development program for live sound engineers and technicians.

Our training workshops are develop to enable live sound engineers & technicians to polish their skills by gaining knowledge and understanding the functionality of pro audio equipment and reproduce efficient workflows by conducting hands-on-training.

Our goal is to enhance professionalism & work ethics, quality sound, and teach the essentials of what Live Sound is all about. As to us, there is nothing more pleasing to the ear than great music and quality sound. 


What are the benefits of Digital World Live?

• We teach the “Textbook Approach”:  the math and science of live sound reinforcement's core essentials.

• They learn via the “Hands On Approach”: the “Why and How” to              operate pro audio equipment in a live environment.

• We emphasize Professionalism, Work Ethics, and the Business           structure needed as independent contractors.

• Network and access to Touring and Professional Sound               Engineers, Production Managers, System Integrators, Stage and           Backline Technicians.